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    15 Times Jonathan From "Queer Eye" Gave Me What I Truly Needed

    YAAAAAASSSSS, hunny!!!

    1. When he gave us Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition realness...

    2. ...ethereal Coachella woodland nymph realness...

    3. ...and fun and flirty Neutrogena model REAL 👏 NESS! 👏

    4. When he proclaimed this TRUTH.

    5. When he smashed that retweet button on this beauty.

    me starting ep 1 of queer eye: idk the grooming one jonathan is a bit too much for me me finishing the last ep:

    6. When he did THIS!!!

    7. When he professed his love for Olympic figure skating.

    Holy shit NOTHING get me revved up like a figure skating Olympic montage

    8. When he was everyone's favorite cheerleader.

    9. When I learned he has his own EMMY 👏 FECKING 👏 NOMINATED 👏 Funny Or Die show called Gay of Thrones!!!

    10. ...AND his own podcast?!?!?!

    11. When he threw some lite, zero calorie political shade!!!

    12. When he loved Queer Eye's food and wine expert and resident snack Antoni Porowski as much as we do.

    13. When he hung out with the OG Queer Eye groomer, Kyan Douglas (who is also a SNACK: see Kyan's gorgeous Instagram here)!

    14. When he cried, like, every episode because of all the love and glow-ups.

    15. And lastly, when he was always...

    ...without even a SPRINKLE of doubt...

    ...110% unapologetically himself.