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12 Instagram Pugs Who Broke The Internet In 2017

#BreakTheInternet #SquishyFaceCrew

Hi guys! My name is Syd and I LOVE pugs. Serving as BuzzFeed's unofficial pug correspondent, I felt it was my journalistic duty to write an end-of-the-year roundup of the most ~iconic~ and ~influential~ pugs of 2017. While the following puglets are my personal favorites, I'd love it if you'd share your favorite Instapugs in the comments!


Yours truly and the Insta famous @philippathepug, who is featured later in this article!

Here are my favorites in no ~pugticular~ order:

1. Milo and Otis

2. Flossie and Pegsey

3. Bubble Becca Pugs

4. Mack the Adventure Pug

5. The Pugdashians

6. Finley AKA @pugridesshotgun!

7. Doug the Pug

8. Alfie

9. Barnum, Bailey, and Tahlulabelle

10. Hamilton

11. Philippa

12. And lastly, Ike the Buttpug!

Here's to hoping 2018 is just as PUGGIN' AWESOME!

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