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"I Did Something Bad" Converted Me Into A Swiftie And Sexually Awakened Me Simultaneously


Before you start reading, put this on. Trust.

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Now that you're listening, here's what I have to say: I know I'm a little late to the Reputation game, but recently, I heard T. Swift's "I Did Something Bad" for the first time.


And as a non-Swiftie, I was SHOOK. TO. MY. HUMBLE. CORE.

Though I’m not the biggest TSwift supporter, I fully recognize and appreciate that β€œI Did Something Bad” is an absolute sexy bop

In fact, I'm now ready to admit that I listen to it approximately 45 times every day.

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That's roughly 180 minutes of Taylor daily, and I love EVERY. SECOND.

Like, it's SOY good!!! I'm here for the glitchy plucked violins, fuzzy synths, and Tay saying "shit" for the first time in her entire life!!!

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And can we talk about how the chorus is absolutely SEXY?!?!?!?! It makes me want to go a bar, meet some ~cyoot boyz~, and then leave them on read like a BAD πŸ‘ BINCH. πŸ‘

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Personally, I think the best part of the whole song is the line, "and I'd do it over and over and over again..." because WHOA NELLY does that pitched-down descent go AWF.

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ALSO!!! I found this recording of Tay at the Reputation Secret Session in which she reveals some fun lil' factoidz about the making of "I Did Something Bad". IMPORTANT:

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Sneak peak: The hook of the song came to her in a dream.

So I know everyone's obsessed with "Delicate", "Getaway Car", and "Dress", but like, "I Did Something Bad" really is the one ~true~ bop of the album...

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...and I'm making it my personal mission to get everyone to realize its greatness β€” Swifties and non-Swifties alike.

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Because I really, truly, firmly believe it's the electropop banger of this fucking eon. And we, as civilians, shouldn't be split on sexy bops. That is all.

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  1. So... do you think "I Did Something Bad" is a sexy bop?

    So... do you think "I Did Something Bad" is a sexy bop?

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So... do you think "I Did Something Bad" is a sexy bop?
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    IT'S A BONAFIDE SEXY BOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's okay, but it's not my fave. :/
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    I don't even like Taylor Swift's music but her new haircut is nice.

YAS for women killing it in music, YAS for Tay's choppy bangs, and YAAAAAAAASSSS for "I Did Something Bad"!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!

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