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Ladies, How Did Your Life Change When You Started To Reject Mainstream Beauty Standards?

We wanna hear about your experience.

With COVID and all this alone time to reflect, we've been noticing that a lot of women have started to reject mainstream beauty standards. Instead, they've begun to redefine it for themselves.

So our question is, how have YOU started to reject mainstream beauty standards, and how has your life or outlook changed because of it?!

Maybe you dyed your hair a bright color that you probably wouldn't have normally tried, and it felt like you finally started to show your, uh — for lack of a better term — ✨true colors✨.

Or maybe you were like, "FUCK IT! I'M GONNA SHAVE MY HEAD!" and it was seriously the MOST. LIBERATING. THING. EVER.

Perhaps you decided to grow out your armpit hair because you came to the realization that the stigma against women's body hair is absolutely ABSURD!!!!!!!!!

A singer proudly displaying dyed armpit hair

Or maybe you've finally started accepting your body for what it is, and since then, you've become happier, more comfortable with yourself, and overall, a lot more confident!!!

So, if you've started going against mainstream beauty standards during COVID, tell us about your experience (and leave some pictures of your new look if you can!!!) in the DropBox below. Our favorite responses just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!!!!!!!!!