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Tell Us The Bizarre Story Of How Your Parents Met

Did love find them when they least expected it?

Sure, we may have heard some of the unconventional ways that the BuzzFeed Community has met their significant others, but now it's time for a little throwback — what about PARENTS?!

Did your parents (or grandparents) meet in a totally bizarre way?

Maybe your parents are doctors and they met in medical school, only here's the kicker: They met while dissecting a cadaver.

Or perhaps your parents met at a Renaissance fair when a fortune teller predicted that they would get married.

Maybe your grandparents met while on their honeymoons with other people and ended up running off together, IDK!!!!!!

Whatever the strange meet-cutes may be in your family history, we wanna hear 'em all! So if your parents or grandparents met in a weird way, leave their story (and a picture if you can!) in the comments below. Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!!!