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    Antoni From "Queer Eye" Posing With Food Will Make You Hungry AND Thirsty

    A snack with snacks.

    1. Here's Antoni looking like a beautiful kale-covered sex GAWD!

    2. I'm getting HANGRY...

    3. I want to burn my tongue on this hot, steamy boye!!!

    4. *Southern drawl* Carve it real nice, now!!!

    5. Toble-RUIN ME!!! #AdDad

    6. QUENCH ME.

    7. I know this is a pan and not food, but PAPÁ!

    8. Hi Antoni, pls touch my bundt.

    9. Masks and smoothies?! HERE 👏 FOR 👏 THIS. 👏


    11. His first Insta ever. OMG @ this filter!!!

    12. ~Zesty zaddy.~

    13. Garnish me, then TARNISH ME ANTONI!!!

    14. No shoes, no shirt, and he still gets (room) service. NURSE!

    15. Bread Dad™.

    16. This Boomerang means everything to me.

    17. *Drenches self in syrup*.

    That's all, folks. ILY Antoni!!! Gotta go eat some cheese now!