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22 Hilariously Bad DIY Projects That Deserve To Be Unpinned From Any And All Pinterest Boards

Just no. ❤️

1. This Barefoot Bike™:

My 12 year old son modified his bike with carpet for barefoot riding from DiWHY

2. This "craft" that can only be described as "harrowing":

Incognito barefoot "shoes" from DiWHY

3. Just......yup:

My uncle's Christmas tree. from DiWHY

4. This — *sigh* — "Liam Nissan" 😔:

Liam Nissan from DiWHY

5. This Pinterest-esque monstrosity:

Good lord. from DiWHY

6. This ~innovation~:

Fake sunroof decal for your car from DiWHY

7. This disgrace of a "cane":

My mom tried to make a cane for my dad from DiWHY

8. This brutal "F you" to these curtain rods:

As a landlord, I am constantly amazed at some things my tenants do. I installed new curtain rods before the new tenant moved in, but she still felt it necessary to nail the curtains to the wall from DiWHY

9. This societal advancement!!!!!!!!!

A woman on my timeline has a "remote stick", because her family loses the TV remote so often. from DiWHY

10. This lil' DIY ✨home improvement✨ inspo!!!!!!!!!

Feeling insecure about how unoriginal and boring your bathroom tile grout is? Want to make a statement? Simply just cover that shit up with some glitter glue! from DiWHY

11. This stroke of automotive genius:

Easy as pie from DiWHY

12. This nightlight nightmare fuel:

5 minute craft from DiWHY

13. This crossover that no one — like, LITERALLY NO ONE — asked for!!!!!!!!!!

Mows grass, gets ass. from DiWHY

14. ........:

Finally found something for this sub. Thanks Idaho! from DiWHY

15. This $75 FurBong:

Spotted on the marketplace from DiWHY

16. This ~classic~ Dad DIY:

My dad’s hot glue and silver spray paint lampshade 😅 from DiWHY

17. Three words: HAND 👏 HAND 👏 SOAP. 👏

I see your hand candle and I raise you my hand soap. from DiWHY

18. Just this overall "retro hoverboard" concept:

Retro hoverboard. Works best downhill from DiWHY

19. This drunken creation:

About 15 years ago I got drunk and nicked a security camera. The next day I gutted it and put a lightbulb in. It's been stowed away ever since until today. from DiWHY

20. This Patrick Star wheel decal:

I hate it but kind of like it! from DiWHY

21. This GREAT 👏 WALL 👏 OF 👏 CHINA!!!!!! 👏

This Great Wall of China from DiWHY

22. And lastly, this unnecessarily necessary door hack:

i hear y'all like fancy doors from DiWHY


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