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    15 High School Vs. College Tweets That Perfectly Explain Their Differences

    "An 8 a.m. class in high school is completely different from an 8 a.m. in college."


    High school teachers: I'm not going to share my political beliefs, it's unprofessional College Profs: what is the square root of fuck trump


    10pm in high school: alright time for bed 2am in college: alright time for dinner



    high school: college isn’t a joke college:


    Ya'll think highschool teachers bad at putting grades in?? Wait till you get to college and you dont even know your overall letter grade


    high school seniors: omg I’m so excited for college, I’m gonna go out every day !!! actual college students:


    an 8 am class in high school is completely different from an 8 am in college


    HS teachers: college is NOT a joke a real college exam question i just had: “which doesn’t belong?” A. Ethos B. Pathos C. Logos D. Migos


    Funny how in high school we all had like 500 classes a day but in college we have like 3 and still skip 2


    High school teachers: your essay must be 7 FULL pages, NOT counting the works cited page, or it’s an automatic failure College professors: if you make me read more than 3 pages I will shoot you


    Highschool teachers: College is no joke! Your professors are going to be way more strict! My Professor’s snap story:


    *dresses up in high school* omg! you look great! *dresses up in college* where are u going? do u have a date? is there a funeral? are u ok?


    April in high school: happy, prom planning, no stress. April in college: crying, 67 assignments due, contemplating dropping out.


    High school (Teacher who barely got through school and managed to get a teaching degree): my name is Ms. Johnson and you will call me as such College (Professor who is a top individual in their field with multiple degrees, maybe a PHD): hey guys what's up my name's Matt


    me and my friends who were smart in high school failing all of our college classes

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