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    31 Real-Life Easter Eggs You've Probably Seen 100 Times, But They Just Didn't Register In Your Lil' Pea Brain

    Apparently cars have a lot of Easter eggs...

    1. This cute lil' Futurama detail:

    2. This sneaky move from Swedish public transit:

    3. This Morse code moment from Jeep:

    4. This inconspicuous Polus utilitatis:

    5. This fence design that's ALL ABOUT TIMING, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

    6. This pretty genius tire hack!!!!!

    7. This dog toy that was acutely aware of its own mortality:

    8. Patagonia's hidden message to the *ahem* assholes:

    9. This camouflage PlayStation controller covered in camouflaged PlayStation controllers:

    10. This ancient Pompeiinis:

    11. puoԀ ǝɥꓕ:

    12. This nice lil' touch courtesy of the Hard Rock Hotel:

    13. This hidden homage to Mario:

    14. This ✨subtle branding✨:

    15. This gas station bathroom that had that last laugh:

    16. This brewing company that was actually honest:

    17. This Marge Simpson hair pole, for lack of a better term:

    18. This beer company's subtle tribute to Eddie Van Halen:

    19. This hidden Jerry, forever making a mockery of this pet store's cat clientele:

    20. This hidden jet-settin' fish!!!!!

    21. Pro tip: Always stop and read park bench dedications!!!

    22. These very helpful paper airplane instructions, which were a nice touch:

    23. This lil' sumptin' sumptin':

    24. This hidden gem, courtesy of the Canadians 😌:

    25. This tag that gives credit where it's due!!!

    26. This patriotic passport!!!!!!!!!

    27. This coffee bag that caters to dummies:

    28. This hidden inspection that was much to the liking of the Capitalist Overlords™:

    29. This teeny tiny bar-within-a-bar:

    30. Aisle 6 😉:

    31. And lastly, this element................of SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    H/T: r/IRLEasterEggs