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    Here Are The 15 Goodest™ Dog Posts Of The Week

    Because you deserve it.™

    1. This girl who had her costume fitting as Nana in a children's theatre production of Peter Pan!!!!!!! I NEED A LIVESTREAM LINK, OKAY?!?!?!?!

    2. Thor is GOOOOOOOOD.

    There’s a dog dressed as Thor in here. #InfinityWar

    3. Not to be dramatic, but I would lay down my life for Charleston Chew.

    You howl all you want Charleston, honey

    4. This floofy black hole of *voice drops five demonic registers* DOOM!!!!!

    5. These happy li'l tent wolfettes!!!!! 15/10 would sit around a campfire with them while some guy unfortunately plays "Wonderwall" on his guitar.

    6. This doggo who recognized his owner's voice over FaceTime!!!!!!!!! I'm legit shaking, you guys!!!

    7. This mid-blep portrait! Okay, Tyra!!!!!! 💁

    8. This corg who has a SUPPORT PLUSHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. I'll take ONE HAPP BOYE pls!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. This boye who greets his owner like this every day!!! Like, SPOILED. Right?!

    11. AND A HAPPY KITCHEN BEAR?!?!?!?! I WANT TO FEED HIM ALL THE CHEESE STICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very funny guys. We only rate dogs. Please do not send in Happy Kitchen Bears. We will not rate them. Thank you... 12/10

    12. *heart explodes* *vomits* *smiles through the overwhelming pain of love*

    13. This Survivalist Shibe™ who I would def snuggle with in our bunker!

    14. ALL 👏 HAIL 👏 MEAT 👏 BALL 👏 KING 👏 OF 👏 CHUNK. 👏

    Say hello to Meatball. I’m told he actually loves flowers. That’s just how his face is. 13/10 utterly enchanting

    15. And lastly, let this picture of happiness and purity be your guiding light into this weekend and next week. YOU DESERVE THIS!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖