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19 Memes That Sum Up Dating As A Millennial

"I told him I love him and he left me on read."

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1. Sometimes you want two opposing things at the same time.

Instagram: @mytherapistsays

2. The most heartfelt gesture you get is something along these lines:

Instagram: @meme

3. If he can't pay for your crushing college debt, sorry, but you're not interested.

Instagram: @gaywithnojob

4. You'll still respond to someone even though you're not interested, but it'll 100% look something like this:

Instagram: @nochill

5. You plan your life with hot strangers on various Pinterest boards.

Instagram: @mytherapistsays

6. Flirting always involves some prior research.

Instagram: @gaywithnojob

7. You don't text your crush in hopes that they'll text you first, but they never do.

Instagram: @mytherapistsays

8. Tinder dates never seem to work out the way you want them to.

Instagram: @unemployedgay

10. You constantly vow to not make the same mistakes, but alas...

Instagram: @sexualising

11. When your crush likes your Insta post, they're ~obviously~ into you.

Instagram: @nochill

12. And liking another girl's pic, on the other hand, is assumed cheating.

Instagram: @zero_fucksgirl

13. Breaking a snap streak is a sign that the end is nigh.

Instagram: @overhearduniversity

14. Whenever your crush pisses you off, you hit them with the most dreaded text ever:

Instagram: @zero_fucksgirl

15. Drunk texting your ex is the same as accepting emotional defeat.

Instagram: @mytherapistsays

16. When you're over the relationship, that still doesn't stop you from cyberstalking your ex's sad new life without you.

Instagram: @daddyissues_

17. Your gluten intolerance can often serve as a metaphor for your love life.

Instagram: @overheardnewyork

18. In the end, you know you're just as complete with or without someone...

Instagram: @zero_fucksgirl

19. ...but the promise of finding love always keeps things exciting.

Instagram: @drinksforgayz

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