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21 Hot Santas To Get You Excited... For Christmas

They're sure to bring out your inner ho ho ho!

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1. "'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, Island Santa was stirring up under your blouse..."

Instagram: @yum_men

2. DJ Santa wants to watch you drop it down the pole*!

Instagram: @djjazzyface

*The NORTH Pole, of course!

3. All this hot Santa wants for Christmas is ~you~.

Instagram: @mcteboul17

4. Thicc-Bearded Santa wants to look ~deeply~ into your eyes and ask, "Now, what do you want for Christmas?"

Instagram: @nanashane

5. Chandler Santa wants to turn on your inner Monica!

TBS / Via

6. Quadra-Santa wants to give you four times the ~joy~!

Instagram: @uriah_harris

7. "On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..." ...two guys with six-packs!

Instagram: @augoooudoll16

8. You def want singing Santa to hurry down your chimney tonight!

Instagram: @bbaekbyuns

9. This Santa says, "Happy birthday, Jesus! Sorry your party's so lame."

10. ...And this Classy Santa says, "I'll have an eggnog shaken, not stirred."

"...Classic Brosnan."
NBC / Via

"...Classic Brosnan."

11. These Tri-Santas will make you say, "Hark!"

Instagram: @miguelsagaz

12. Sleeveless Santa belongs on your coveted ~naughty list~!

Instagram: @chinocangri

13. I bet this Got Reindeer? Santa would be fun in the sack! ;)))

Instagram: @drusso97

14. Frank-a Claus wants to get s-laid. (Sleighed.)

15. I bet Boozy Santa's stocking is ~hung~.

Instagram: @paigeashleyjordan

16. Mr. Feeny Santa is def a hot Santa. Class dismissed.

17. "Hot Santa with your suit so tight, won't you ride my sleigh tonight?"

Instagram: @marekindukestreet

18. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the hot Santa from Spongebob!!!

Nickelodeon / Via

19. After a couple glasses of eggnog, you know you'd totally make out with these two Fratty Santas at an ugly sweater party.

Instagram: @mcooook

20. ...And you'd tumble dry the jingle bells off this Xmas Mankini Santa.

And finally, the hottest of them all...

NBC / Via

*Drumroll please*

21. Phyllis Vance.

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