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Hairstylists Shared Their Pet Peeves With Us And Honestly, You've Probably Done Most Of Them

"When clients stare up at you while you shampoo them."

Recently we asked the hairstylists of the BuzzFeed Community to share their client pet peeves, and they had A 👏 LOT 👏 TO 👏 SAY. 👏 So without further ado, here's what bothers them.

1. When clients stare up at you while you shampoo them.

"It's so awkward. Just close your eyes!!!"


2. When clients expect a "trim" to cost less.

"My husband is the hairdresser, and it doesn't matter if he’s chopping off 1/2 an inch or 8 — he still needs to shape your hair and take his time."


"A trim and a haircut are the same thing!"


3. When long-haired girls measure out a few inches with their fingers and demand that you only cut off that much.

"They're so scared to lose their length that they don’t listen when you tell them you have to cut more to see a difference. Afterward, they admit you were right and you end up cutting their hair twice. Happens all the time."


4. When clients lie about what chemicals they've used on their hair.

"We need to know what your hair has been through in order to provide you with the best service possible without ruining your hair. I had a client who swore she hadn’t done any chemical services, even signed my contract, and then AFTER I had placed all the foils with lightener, she informed me that six months ago she had gotten a perm. Needless to say, we immediately rinsed her hair, but the damage was done. She ended up needing to cut off 6-plus inches because her ends turned to mush! If you aren’t honest with us, you could end up bald. When I asked her why she didn’t tell me, her reply was that she was worried I wouldn’t do the service and would make her wait...well, now she can wait for her hair to grow back!"


5. When clients make dramatic hair changes for emotional reasons.

"I once went to get my hip-length hair chopped off to a bob, and my stylist sat down and had a talk with me beforehand. She said her pet peeve was people making this kind of dramatic change for emotional reasons (breakup, stress, etc.) and ending up hating it because the desire for it was not well thought through. She more or less made me prove to her that I really wanted this change and was prepared for it, and I really respected her laying down the law."


6. When a client wants a very specific style but doesn't want to style their hair at home.

"If you have straight hair, no haircut I give you will make your hair look like beachy waves unless you’re using a curling iron."

7. When clients are unrealistic about color processes.

"Box dye removal takes FOREVER, and clients need to trust stylists when they tell them what's possible for their appointment that day. We’re not trying to hustle you for money; we just want to keep your hair damage-free."


8. When a client places their things all over their stylist's workstation.

"I can't stand when a client comes in and places their things all over MY station. Ask me first if you can set your two phones, purse, drink, and glasses on my WORKstation. Respect my space!"


9. When clients are late.

"Being late creates a domino effect that makes me run behind with all of my clients for the rest of the day. Rescheduling or canceling at the last minute is also taking a spot away in my schedule that I could have booked with someone else. If we respect your schedule, all we can ask is that you do the same for us, because in our profession, time literally is money."


10. When clients expect to look exactly like the reference picture they brought in.

"I’m a hairstylist, not a copy machine. Having inspiration photos is good so we can get a good idea of what you’d like your hair to look like, but expecting me to 100% re-create someone else’s work leads to unrealistic expectations."


11. When a client keeps looking up after you've told them to look down.

"I told you to look down for a reason!"


12. When a client corrects your work when you're only halfway done.

"Mid-service always looks weird, and you gotta wait until the end to start judging!"


13. When a client argues about the price of their service.

"Don't haggle about the price or length of time for a particular service, especially coloring or complicated styling. If you don't want to pay for my time or the work I do, don't book the appointment."


"This is my JOB, my career. It’s how I pay my bills and feed my kids. It’s the cost of product, continuing education, and my time and skill."


14. When clients disagree about what would work best for their hair type.

"For example, people with very thin hair do not look good with layers because it makes them appear to have even less hair than they already have. However, most of the time when I explain this, clients do not listen. In the end, I have to go with what my client wants, even if I disagree with the decision. So I cut their hair, and then they say it looks too thin! Yeah, Karen, that’s exactly what I said was going to happen before I started cutting!"


15. When a client keeps moving their head.

"Keep your head still! If I’m foiling you and you move, you could get a bleed mark in your highlights. If I’m shampooing you, you may end up with a soaking-wet shirt. If I’m blow-drying you, I won’t get the tension I need to get that sleek and shiny style you want. Keep your head still!!!!!!!!"


16. When grown men don't know how they want their hair cut.

"'Did you get clippers or scissors last time?' 'I don't know.' Seriously? You're 40 years old and have been getting haircuts on your own for years. Know what you want, or don't be mad when it's too long or short because you can't explain what you want."


17. When clients don't buy the recommended hair products.

"I know your hair looks incredible every time you leave, but half the reason is because I used the correct products. Like, I’m sorry, but your $8.99 two-in-one shampoo and conditioner isn't going to help maintain the hair color you just paid hundreds of dollars for."


18. When clients bring their kids to their hair appointment before they've had a nap.

"PLEASE do not bring your tired kids in for their haircut thinking they'll be easier to deal with! When your kid is being an asshole because they're tired, what makes you think they won't be the same to us while we're holding extremely sharp objects to their head?! If your kid is well rested, THAT'S when they'll be easier to handle!"


19. When clients ask how much longer their service is going to take.

"We can be faster, but the result is not gonna be as good as it will be if we take the time we need to make it look amazing."


20. When clients change their minds about the length they want once you've finished.

"It annoys the living hell out of me when I’m taking my time doing a haircut — keep in mind, we had a full consultation — and I finish and take the cape off and THEN my client asks if we can take it shorter. So...they wanted A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HAIRCUT!!!"


21. And lastly, when new clients say, "No one has ever been able to do my hair the way I wanted."

"That's either because they have unrealistic expectations or they just don’t like their appearance. Stop setting up every stylist for failure!"


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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