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    If You Can Make It Through This Pimple Post Without Yarfing, I'll Be Thoroughly Impressed

    Only the strong will survive.

    1. Let's start off easy — how about some nice, fruitful pore strips?

    2. Mmm...

    3. What about a simple "soft pop" compilation? Pretty standard, right?

    4. What about seeing this bad boy from across the room knowing full well that it consists of dirt and dead skin?

    5. Are you good with some blackhead action?

    6. How are you holding up?

    7. Let's level up. Still able to keep your lunch down?

    8. Yeah, I mean, these can be pretty satisfying when you don't think about it too hard!!!

    9. This clump was removed from some guy's belly button. Just so you know.

    10. This ABSOLUTE 👏 UNIT 👏 was sneezed out after nose surgery.

    11. WARNING: This cyst removal is NOT for the faint of heart. Or the weak of stomach. :)))))))

    12. Don't give up now!!! Think happy thoughts and look at this freshly removed mass.

    13. YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!!!!!!! Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. YOU'VE GOT THIS.

    And now, brace yourself for the ~GRAND FINALE~...

    14. ...and check out this SQUIRTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, you made it through this entire post presumably without yarfing. I'm so proud of you!!!