This Goth Chicken Literally Has A Black Heart And Summons Spirits With Its Blood

    *struts into Hot Topic*

    Do you subscribe to the goth lifestyle?

    Do you also kinda f*ck with agriculture and basic farm living?

    Well then, do I have a niche interest for you...

    Behold, the Goth Chicken™.

    The Goth Chicken, formally known as the Ayam Cemani, is a breed of chicken that's native to Indonesia. Literally everything about it is black!!!

    I'm talking feathers, skin, beak — even its bones and internal organs are black!!!!!!!

    But perhaps most goth of all, its blood is used in Indonesian rituals to attract spirits.

    So basically, this chicken is pretty #goth.

    Like, this chicken clearly f*cks with platform combat boots from Hot Topic. And also Satan.

    Even its chicks are cute and goth!

    They're just starting to dabble in The Cure and have recently taken to having photoshoots in graveyards. Cute!

    Yup. Metal as f*ck.

    Anywho, now you're aware that goth chickens exist.

    Do with this information what you will, I guess.

    And in conclusion, I leave you with a visualization of what I imagine Cemani chicken farmers see when they go to feed their coop. Okay, goodbye.