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17 Really, Really, Reeeeally Good Things That Happened This Week

Soooooo good!

1. This week, this child left a scathing review of Charlotte's Web:

My 9yr old’s first book review, I guess

2. This woman showed the world that braids are professional:

Years ago I was told to take a clip out of my newsreel because I was wearing braids. The news director told me I wouldn’t get a job with braids. I left the clip in and landed a job in the industry. Now, I’m wearing them on-air for the first time. Braids are professional.

3. This rescue pup was very grateful for his bowl!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

My little rescue dog breaks my heart. He still can’t get over having his very own bowl.

4. These girls left *THE* perfect video on this lost phone's camera roll!!!

Bro why I left my phone in the bathroom at a restaurant yesterday and some people returned it to the front desk but left a video in my camera roll 😭 wtf

5. These two *~dated~*:

6. These lil' doggolis played THE GAME™!!!!!!!!!!!

7. This little girl had ENOUGH of walking. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took my daughter on a walk. This how she let me know she was done walking 😒

8. These lil' bun-buns cuddled!!! 💖💖💖

9. Hayley here found her True Love™!!!

10. This dad brought home a surprise gift for his wife!!!


My dad’s idea of the perfect surprise gift to my mum 🤣 he saw it at the shops and couldn’t resist #fyp #xyzbca #verifylilstace #foryoupage #viral

♬ original sound - lil_stace

11. These kiddos dealt with their punishment!!!!!!!

My babies got in trouble today and this was their punishment 😂😂😂

12. These two did some redecorating!!!!!!!!

13. Piper here had a little ~hose incident~:

This is Piper. She was having a lovely day playing in the pool until it all went horribly, horribly wrong. Still 13/10

14. This kid built his own gaming system!!!!!!!

My 15 year old nephew from Chicago built his own gaming system during the pandemic. Even allows him to play PS4 games. Super dope

15. This kitters played their ~lovely dinnertime ballad~:

16. Cardboard cutouts of baseball fans proved to be just as — if not more — hilarious as anticipated:

17. And lastly, these guys listened to Phil Collins for the first time and their reactions were HILARIOUS:

Two teenagers get schooled by Phil Collins.