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14 Really, Really, Reeeeeally Good Things That Happened This Week

Pls enjoy these very good things.

1. This week, this lady *FINALLY* got the hair she's always wanted — and she ROCKS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 74 years young and had this done to my hair today, I love it! What do you all think and be honest! In my profession, I had to be conservative and never could have had anything like this!

2. This teacher went above and beyond for her students!!! 😭😭😭

In Mexico, school was cancelled because of the pandemic. This teacher turned her pickup truck into a portable classroom. She drives two hours a day to teach children with autism who don't have books or access to the internet.

3. These grandparents got to meet their new family member, although socially distanced!!!

4. These two had the BEST time preparing dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. This moose took a very casual backyard nap:

6. We were introduced to this pet-compatible Disney filter, and I'M—:

7. Bindi Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell, announced that they're expecting!!!!!!!!!!

8. And same with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend!!!!!!!!!!

9. This kitters showed off her Fake Fish Teefies™!!!!!!!!!!!

10. This dad got the sweetest lil' surprise!!!!!!!!!!!

11. This woman made a long Furby as a gift, and it was equal parts sweet and unsettling:

I love my wife very much, but over the past few weeks she has been making a long furby for a friend's birthday and it has made living here very uncomfortable

12. This guy proudly rocked the face mask his mom made him!!! 💖💖💖

13. This daughter followed in her mechanic dad's footsteps!!!!!!!!!

14. And lastly, this guy's little Oma turned the BIG 1-0-0!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OMA!!! 💖