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    21 Gifts For The Astrology-Obsessed Person In Your Life

    For the *~star~* in your life.

    1. A soy and coconut wax-based Birthdate Candle to give them insight into all the character traits, tarot cards, and specific scents that rule the day they were born.

    2. A customizable two-sign ring so they can show off their sun AND moon signs, their sign and their partner's sign, or theirs and their BFF's.

    3. A ~witchy~ tarot wall hanging to add some mysticism to their bedroom.

    4. A copy of The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need so they'll never need to buy another astrology book (although we all know they will.)

    5. A customizable star map to commemorate any special event with the stars that glowed above it.

    6. A cute lil' eco-conscious tote bag to remind them that the universe is at their fingertips!

    7. A delicate necklace to (modestly) sport their zodiac sign and perhaps even an initial.

    8. A retro "Blame Mercury" t-shirt for them to wear when absolutely everything sucks.

    9. A Mercury retrograde enamel pin that is equal parts cute and sparkly.

    10. A zodiac sign blanket for them to snuggle up and cry into when Mercury retrograde is ruining their life.

    11. A personalized natal chart so they can show off all their planetary placements.

    12. A copy of The Mixology of Astrology that'll tell them the perfect cocktails for every sign and how to make them.

    13. A copy of the Magic of I astrological planner so they can align themselves with the cycles of the cosmos.

    14. A palmistry print that'll add a mystical touch to any room in their home.

    15. A sign-specific set of healing crystals that'll look cute while balancing them out.

    16. A set of lunar calendars covered in flowers to help them always keep track of the luminary's phases.

    17. A wacky Photoshop mug that encapsulates their sign to a *tee*.

    18. A moon phases throw pillow that'll — ironically — bring some sunshine into their room.

    19. An abundance ritual candle that'll help them attract good fortune and prosperity into their life every time they light it.

    20. A zodiac constellation pendant necklace that'll look cute on its own or stacked with their other necklaces.

    21. A zodiac constellation ring dish to hold all of their, well...rings (and stuff.)

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