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    24 Things Genzennials Haven't Thought About In YEEEEARS


    1. These bad boys that made every elementary school math class slightly more tolerable:

    u/RefrigMike / Via

    2. SHARK BITES!!!

    u/mattsiegel42 / Via

    3. Playing games on your LeapFrog LeapPad during long, not-fun car rides:

    4. Obviously, you remember the hype around the Scholastic Book Fair:

    u/MccreesKnees / Via

    5. And trading in your KinzCash for some home decor at the Webkinz Curio Shop:


    6. Watching your parent print out MapQuest directions for how to get you to your travel soccer game:

    u/ride365 / Via

    7. Playing with the ever-satisfying Bristle Blocks!!!!!!

    u/HellotoHorse / Via

    8. Logging on to your family computer and *carefully* picking out your icon:

    u/IrishAzrael / Via

    9. Pretending to give yourself shots via mechanical pencil:

    ruinedchildhood / GIPHY

    10. Making shadow puppets whenever your teacher whipped out the ol' projector:

    u/ScrunchJeans / Via

    11. This sassy-ass bunny:

    Happy Bunny

    12. This commercial for ToonTown that seemingly ran 14/7 on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network:

    13. These lil' shiny rainbow lizards!!!!!!!!

    u/submissiveswiss / Via

    14. The criiiiiiiiinkly feeling of opening a VHS tape:

    u/GearWorst / Via

    15. The tiny plastic treasure chests school nurses gave out whenever you lost a tooth:

    u/MilkJakes / Via

    16. Playing Cooking Mama and then craving some nice juicy virtual tomato slices:


    17. These blocks that were basically baby's first foray into the mathematical headache that is geometry:

    u/anarachelb / Via

    18. Repeatedly writing out "dojob" on your homework and then feeling creative when you turned them into faces:

    19. The heinous original YouTube app icon you had on your iTouch:


    20. Reading Miss Nelson is Missing! and HAAAAATING Viola Swamp:

    Houghton Mifflin

    21. These lil' robo-doggo thingies!!!!!

    u/PussyAnalBreath / Via

    22. These cardboard blocks that every pediatrician had in their waiting room:

    u/VicariousShrub / Via

    23. Zoobooks, yet another pediatrician waiting room staple:


    24. And lastly, drawing this landscape for the fourteenth time and getting offended when your parents didn't hang it up on the fridge again:

    u/mykeuk / Via

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