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    31 Pictures That Will Only Mean Something To Those Born Between 1995–1997

    *suppresses urge to eat Ice Cream Mountain*

    1. This specific wallpaper that was native to early-2000s Subways:

    Subway's interior with wallpaper of different buildings

    2. This old Disney store setup that simply BEGGED you to jump in it:

    huge pile of plush disney toys

    3. Getting one of these in your school mailbox, thus signaling a gorgeous reprieve from classes 😌:

    calendar with a spring break week marked off

    4. The insatiable desire to consume Ice Cream Mountain, as seen on Rugrats:

    the cartoon ice cream mountain

    5. When the YouTube app looked like this:

    youtube app looks like an old tv

    6. This pencil sharpener that possessed too much horsepower for its own good:

    large electric sharpener

    7. Aaah, yes — the clear stereo cabinet of yesteryear:

    large tower radio in a clear entertainment case

    8. Walking by one of these in the mall and fearing for your life:

    entrance to hot topic

    9. These toy baby bottles with liquid that just MAGICALLY disappeared when you flipped them over......? (The jury's still out on this one):

    bottle full upright and then empty when upside down

    10. When Zunes tried to compete with iPods and everyone was just like, "Wait, what's a Zune...?":

    hand holding a zune

    11. This very corner of any given public library:

    old computers at desks

    12. ✨Little Golden Books✨, in all of their glory:

    front page of little golden books with different story characters

    13. That whole Charlie the Unicorn moment:

    charlie the unicorn video

    14. The taste, the texture...the overall essence of sipping on one of these chocolatey baddies:

    chocolate milk in a carton

    15. These lil' erasers that couldn't actually erase anything, but instead served ✨aesthetic purposes✨:

    fruit-themed pencil erasers

    16. These Poo-Chi robot dogs that filled a power outlet-shaped hole in our hearts 😌💕:

    small robot toy dog

    17. These old Halloween decorations that adorned many of our elementary school classrooms, I fear...........:

    pumpkins, witches, owl, and black cats

    18. These charming scratch 'n sniff stickers that only the very best papers were awarded:

    sheet of scented stickers

    19. These eagles that for sure contained some kind of black magic:

    balancing eagles

    20. These godforsaken popcorn buckets:

    tin filled with three different popcorn flavors

    21. The OG layout:

    front page with lots of bold colors and tabs

    22. These markers? Say LESS!

    packet of scented markers

    23. Wendy's old sunrooms, of course 😌💅✨:

    the sunroom of a wendys

    24. This classroom classic CAPS 👏 FOR 👏 SALE 👏:

    caps for sell book

    25. This pencil box that held so much more than our pencils — it also holds our MEMORIES!!!!!!

    plastic pencil box

    26. Heads Up, Seven Up, aka the ultimate game of choice:

    students with their heads on the desk for the game

    27. *inhales the aroma* *exhales the aroma*:

    opened play-doh

    28. Mr. Big Mouth Billy Bass who resided on basement walls all over the suburban United States:

    rubber fake fish on a plaque

    29. Shark Bites™, ooh ha ha:

    shark gummies

    30. The Bible (a binder of CDs):

    opened binder of CDs

    31. And lastly, this coin machine that's permanently seared into my brain:

    old coin machine with wood paneling