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    19 Subtle...Uh..."Revisions" To Make You Do A Double Take

    BRB, gonna go read Harry Potter and the Influence of Climatic Legacies on the Distribution of Dryland Biocrust Communities.

    1. This lost Harry Potter sequel:

    Haven't read that one yet from MadeMeSmile

    2. This innovative take on naming and dating your papers:

    Just a test from MildlyVandalised

    3. This happy accident(...?) of rewording:

    Keep em clean folks from MildlyVandalised

    4. This improvement to already better ingredients and — dare I say — better pizza:

    I’m the pizza man... from MildlyVandalised

    5. 👁️                 👁️:

    Found these fun little friends at my local target today from MildlyVandalised

    6. This creative outlet:

    Seems fine to me. from MildlyVandalised

    7. This excellent usage of the "No, this is Patrick" meme:

    Is it only me that sings those words? from MildlyVandalised

    8. This fluorescent light-turned-lightsaber:

    Star Wars adaption from MildlyVandalised

    9. Oh yes, the ever-present liability of flooded underpants:

    What happens in the underpass stays in the underpass from MildlyVandalised

    10. This realtor who ran with this punch:

    A realtor you can depend on from MildlyVandalised

    11. This lil' harmless prank, that's all:

    I found this in a Burger King bathroom. from MildlyVandalised

    12. This viewfinder where YOU are the view, never mind the natural wonder behind it 😌:

    Niagara Falls, where view finder finds YOU from MildlyVandalised

    13. This sound advice/survival tactic:

    Ruuun from MildlyVandalised

    14. These paper cranes that said, "Fuck your rules!!!":

    Some pretty intense vandalism in the laundry room, but rules are meant to be broken... from MildlyVandalised

    15. *screams in Pixar*:

    Cars from MildlyVandalised

    16. This cat who puts an end to racist rubbish:

    Wholesomely vandalized from MildlyVandalised

    17. This neighborly fun:

    hope you like ass, neighbor from MildlyVandalised

    18. This brilliant and artistic hacking of a McDonald's self-order thingy:

    Dont ask how I managed to do this from MildlyVandalised

    19. And lastly, this wholesome edit 😌:

    some fitting tape over the sign from MildlyVandalised

    H/T r/MildlyVandalised

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