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    Updated on May 17, 2019. Posted on May 12, 2019

    14 Funny Tweets About Roommates That'll Resonate With Anyone Who Has Ever Cohabited

    "Can you Venmo me 37 cents for using my ketchup?"

    1. This *classiqué* roommate bio we've all seen in Facebook housing groups:

    White girls looking for a college roommate hey! my name is mckenzeigh. I’m gonna be a freshman starting this fall. I love to go out but I also enjoy staying in. Fav show: the office. Fav artist: Billie Eilish. Also if you’re gay that’s totally fine but don’t come onto me😊

    2. This truth about cohabitation:

    living w roommates month 1: i bought us a new rug and some plants! dont worry about paying me its for all of us :) month 6: can u venmo me 37 cents for using my ketchup

    3. The infamous Princess Diana Shrine Prank™:

    Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room

    4. This accurate depiction:

    Me coming in from a night out after promising my flatmates I’d be quiet

    5. This oddly consumed grapefruit:

    6. This absolute pinnacle of roommate-ness:

    7. This total power move:

    My flatmate eats boiled chicken with no seasoning and HE'S scared of ME

    8. This brand-new and sliiiightly off roommate:

    so my roommate rescued this kitten and this is how he's pooping...

    9. The ever-iconic passive-aggressive art gallery:

    My passive-aggressive art gallery is thriving, although some critics don't care for my emphasis on found pieces.

    10. This lovely surprise!!!!!!!!!!

    I left my roommate a surprise and she actually did it

    11. The only time spying on your roommate is morally acceptable:

    My roommate’s cat is always breaking out of her bathroom. I set up this hidden camera to find out how...and y’all....i- 😂💀

    12. This ***VERY CLEAR*** red flag:

    One of my flatmates opens their bread like this. I don't feel safe anymore.

    13. This simple math:

    my straight roommate: it makes me uncomfortable that you and your girlfriend are dating and are in the room sometimes me: sounds homophobic her: why would you think that me:

    14. And lastly, The Sad Tale of the Lone Nuggie:

    which one of my flatmates is cooking a single chicken nugget ... i cba

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