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    16 Reasons Why Pugs Are The Funniest, Cutest, And Chönkiest Dogs Ever

    It's the snorting noises for me.

    1. First off, while they were once bred to sit on the laps of kings — now they do this.

    My favorite pic of my pug. There is no hole in the grass. from WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    2. They won't let you out of their sight — especially if you're in some sort of food establishment.

    This pug waiting for his owner at Starbucks this morning. from aww

    3. They have great taste in music.


    #megantheestallion #pug

    ♬ original sound - maxinehiggins1

    4. They are the first to REPENT for their SINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you ever seen a more guilty pug?😂

    5. They look so ~mystical~ and ~sage~ when they're old!!!!!! 😭💖😭

    This absolute unit of a pug from AbsoluteUnits

    6. They SHLOOOOOOoo0000OOOOOoooo0000P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Oops he did it again ! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #pug #dog #funny #watch #WerkItFromHome

    ♬ original sound - gabbyc009

    7. Their personalities are always uniquely their own.

    My pugs are complete opposites. from Zoomies

    8. They always seem to know something we don't.

    My elderly pug in a stroller met another elderly pug in a stroller. It's a Christmas miracle. from aww

    9. They aren't afraid to put their back into it!!!!!!!!


    If this didn’t make your day, I don’t know what will ! 😂 Make my puppy’s barking butt famous ! #foryoupage #foryou #pourtoi #pug #dog #shitpost

    ♬ son original - janieemarteel

    10. They identify as Smelly™.

    My parents' pug is a smelly pug. Dad sent this photo to me today. from aww

    11. They are lil' crotchety, snaggletoothed loaves on the outside...


    Toofin #pug#pugsoftiktok#tiktokpugs#dogs#dogsoftiktok#tiktokdogs#cute#funny#animals#dog#gremlin

    ♬ My Shiny Teeth and Me - Kenny Maness

    12. ...and ABSOLUTELY CURSED ON THE INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. They have a lot to say for not being the, uh...........brightest.


    The most dramatic little pug! #pug #foryоu #fyp #foryoupage

    ♬ original sound - aimeevowles

    14. They're always by your side, no matter what.

    A guy in my city often rides around with his pug like this... from pics

    15. And lastly, they're always — ALWAYS!!!!!!!! — watching.

    Heard an odd snorting noise while walking down a residential street in the Bronx the other day... turned out to be an old pug looking through the mail slot at passersby. from WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    16. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    harlemrr /

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