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18 Pet ID Tags That Are Hilarious Yet Valid Forms Of Identification

"Much dog. Such lost. Very wow."

1. This pupper's owner is a certified Ugly Crier™:

2. This lil' guy who is NOT LOST, so F*CK OFF:

3. This lil' fluffums' name is Cheez-It, so naturally:

4. This perfect tag for any doge:

5. This stimk hangs out outside a pizza place and wears this tag that translates to "Don't give me pizza. Thank you":

6. *reads in Carly Rae Jepsen*

7. Rumpole's tag proves that running away has its repercussions:

8. This person found their neighbor's,

9. These tags were made for a cat and her canine protector:

10. Marc's hooman made his ID tag ~multifunctional~:

11. This ~naughty~ double entendré:

12. This very Official™ form of doggo identification:

13. These doggos must be Ludacris fans:

14. This fair warning:

15. This lil' lover — named after William James Murray — has a pretty fitting tag:

16. This *slight* typo is still passable:

17. This stream of consciousness interpretation:

18. And lastly, Mommy's Favorite A**hole 💖: