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15 Package Delivery Photos That Belong In The Delivery Hall Of Fame — For Better Or Worse

This post is full of UPS and downs.

1. This calm yet firm gatekeeper:

This is the photo Amazon took of my package delivery lol

Twitter: @kisserkel

2. This delivery that challenged the very idea of fragility:

3. This cute lil' get-to-know-you delivery game, ya know! 😌

Getting to know our delivery guys. #TigerKing

Twitter: @hellotimscott

4. This all-around disappointing delivery confirmation pic:

5. This warm, damp welcome:

My dog pee’d on my package while the @amazon delivery driver was taking a picture😂

Twitter: @JValdez7_

6. This oddly satisfying delivery BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Just.........yup:

8. This slightly incriminating delivery:

9. This esteemed member of the Welcome Committee!!!

10. This......uh...situation:

11. This curious lil' grocery drop-off:

12. The Great Divide™!!!!!!!

13. This 11/10 very-good-human move!!!!!!!!

14. This greeting from an early riser:

Glad the dog was up this morning to take my delivery in... 👏🏻

Twitter: @Tom_D98

15. And lastly, this. TEEHEE!!!!!! :)))))))))

Do you have any cute, funny, or just plain bad package delivery photos? If so, please share them in the DropBox below!!!