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    18 "Modern Art" Fails That Were So Good, I Just DMed The MoMA

    *sips scotch* Name your price for Rainbow Duster as Glow Stick!

    1. Fallen Uncooked Spaghetti, 2018

    I dropped a box of spaghetti on the ground and accidentally graduated from Art School.

    Materials: Uncooked spaghetti, gravity, no intention whatsoever.

    2. Rainbow Duster as Glow Stick, 2018

    Materials: Plastic, color dyes, the influence of hallucinogenics.

    3. Misplaced Eyeglasses, 2016


    Materials: Vacant gallery, eye glasses, groupthink mentality.

    4. Exposed Wiring & Controls, 2018

    We moved into new offices, but this wall has been left open for a few weeks now. I knew what I had to do.

    Materials: Mixed media, copper and plastic on brick wall.

    5. And its highly anticipated sequel, Blatant Patch Job (2018)

    Materials: PVC board, glue.

    6. Mandated Safety Precautions, 2017

    7. A Waste of Perfectly Good Mozzarella Sticks, 2016

    when you accidentally cook cheese sticks on a plastic TV tray but then turn it into modern art decor #college

    Materials: Mozzarella sticks, metal, sadness.

    8. Cheap Decrepit Clock, 2016

    9. Pineapple, 2017

    So last week we placed a pineapple next to an art display and come in today and RGU have moved it into a glass display case. Amazing.

    Materials: Pineapple.

    10. These Fucking Chairs, 2017

    Accidental modern art whilst rearranging the conservatory. Generated a statement to accompany it.

    Materials: Metal foldout chairs, pastel paint, "Ugh, I hate rearranging chairs. Fuck."

    11. Broken Table, 2017

    Accidental modern art. #yeg

    Materials: Wood, paint, LOL.

    12. Twist Ties...?, 2018

    13. Shattered Martini Glass, 2018

    Materials: Martini glass, vodka, an unfortunate fall.

    14. Perplexing Right Glove, 2015

    Guy dropped his glove on the floor here at MoMA and everyone is nervously stepping around it, unsure if it's art.

    Material: Glove, no one knowing what to do.

    15. Part of Wooden Carton, 2016

    16. Unattached File, 2018

    17. United States Currency, 2017

    18. Glitching Thing at Local Mall, 2016