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    23 So-Called "Home Improvements" That Should Really Be Called "Home Miserable Failures," No Offense

    Do not attempt if quarantined alone for a long, long time.

    1. This ~abstract~ shower tiling that makes me feel extremely not-sober:

    Disconcerting from DiWHY

    2. This crocheted toilet, just like grandma used to make!

    Ewwwwwwww from DiWHY

    3. Just...just ✨wind chimes✨:

    Wind Chimes from DiWHY

    4. This lil' splash of "tropical" fun!!!!!!!!!!! ;)))))))

    Because palm trees don’t grow in Indiana from DiWHY

    5. This, uh...creative repurposing:

    This mailbox from DiWHY

    6. No comment for this one:

    Wrestling bed from DiWHY

    7. This unfortunate pogo-plunger hybrid (that I do desperately want to see in action):

    Found on r/hmmm from DiWHY

    8. These ✨roof extensions✨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roof extension questions from DiWHY

    9. This lil' Pinterestification:

    Feeling insecure about how unoriginal and boring your bathroom tile grout is? Want to make a statement? Simply just cover that shit up with some glitter glue! from DiWHY

    10. This homey 'n' homely denim patchwork:

    Good lord. from DiWHY

    11. These painted-on window

    These window reflections are painted on. from DiWHY

    12. This meat grinder, but make it Victorian era chic:

    How to upcycle a meat grinder from DiWHY

    13. This Cottagecore™ toilet seat that is truly my waking ~aesthetic~ nightmare:

    Oh god. from DiWHY

    14. This girl's* boyfriend's hot glue bowls:

    Hot glue bowls I found at my boyfriend's house from DiWHY

    *I'm assuming the OP is a woman because this lil' "craft" could simply only be done by a straight man.

    15. This unholy church pew x bucket collab:

    Found on Kijiji. Church pew headboard complete with buckets for only $150.00 from DiWHY

    16. I'M—:

    My friend made an umbrella holder out of a women's handbag and concrete. from DiWHY

    17. NOT  👏 THE  👏 GREAT  👏 WALL 👏  OF 👏  CHINA 👏:

    This Great Wall of China from DiWHY

    18. This Honda turned brick oven:

    The hottest freshest pizza to ever be delivered from DiWHY

    19. These mixers went from KitchenAid to KitchenLAMPSHADE, am I right?!

    Guy on letgo turned 2 expensive kitchen appliances into lamps. from DiWHY

    20. Two words: PIG. CHAIR.

    Making a pig chair from DiWHY

    21. This handy dandy "tape shelf":

    when we made my coworker a DIY book I submitted "use tape instead of a shelf" from DiWHY

    22. This seemingly unnecessary accommodation:

    Found on r/mildlyinteresting thought it belonged here from DiWHY

    23. And lastly, I leave you with these coupla Babybel baddies 😌:

    I made candles out of baby bell cheese wax! from DiWHY

    H/T r/DiWHY

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