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What's The Funniest Thing Anyone's Ever AirDropped To You?

To decline or accept — now that is the question...

Have you ever been randomly AirDropped something?

And it was like, kinda funny?

I was riding the bus back from class today & a random person airdropped me 😂

Like maybe you were at the aquarium when you received THIS:

i was. at the museum in the aquarium part and domeone airdropped this to my phoen i

Or perhaps your professor AirDropped you a ~subtle~ warning during class:

I snuck out my phone during lecture and immediately received this ... cue the x files theme

Maybe someone even Iced you via AirDrop:

Some random person airdropped this to me when we were at the bar.

Or maaaaaaaaaaaybe YOU trolled someone with AirDropception™ and AirDropped something RIGHT 👏 BACK 👏 TO 👏 THEM 👏:

When I was at the American idol audition a kid airdropped me a pic of him so I found him and airdropped him a pic of himself.

If you've ever experienced some serious AirDropping, PLS share a picture and the story in the DropBox below!!! Our faves may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!!!!! Thx!!!!!!! 💁