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Flight Attendants, Tell Us The Wildest Thing That's Happened On One Of Your Flights

Please prepare for some turbulence.

Flight attendants: They get to travel, see the world, and unfortunately, see a lot more of, uh...*interesting* travelers than they'd probably like to. But hey, that's part of the job, right?

So if you are or have ever been a flight attendant, we want to hear about the weirdest, grossest, WILDEST, and most *~SCANDALOUS~* things you've ever witnessed on the job!!!!!!!!!

Like maybe you had to break up a couple of eager flyers who were trying to join the Mile High Club™ — and subsequently holding up the bathroom line.

Or maybe YOU were the one who joined the Mile High Club™ — but with ONE OF THE PILOTS(!!!!!!!!!) while you were ~en route~!!!!!!!

Perhaps someone had a medical emergency during a flight and you and your team had to jump into action.

Or...hmm.....maybe a whole bunch of people, like, threw up on a flight and the whole experience was just absolutely catastrophic?!?!?!?!?!

ANYWAY, if you have any wild stories from your days as a flight attendant, please share them in the DropBox below!!! Our favorite submissions may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!!!!!!!