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    21 Tweets About Wearing Face Masks That Are Honestly Too Real

    WEAR. A. MASK.

    Here are some funny, cute, and honestly important tweets about being a decent human being, aka wearing a mask to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading! If you like these tweets, pls follow the original tweeters to make your TL a funnier place. 😌


    I love masks. I can’t believe I let y’all just breathe on me before.


    My Papa only wears shirts with wolves on them so my grandma made him a wolf mask. Y’all!!!! 😍🥺🐺 ❤️


    Ripping off your mask when you get back in the car is the new taking off your bra when you get home


    the good news is my custom facemask arrived, the bad news is that they printed my face 20% too large


    As someone who is ugly I personally do not mind wearing a mask because it covers half of my face


    Dad..... whyyyyy 🤦🏻‍♀️


    Wearing lip gloss under my mask is proof I only ever did it for myself


    Now I be like “oh fuck i forgot my mask” like im spiderman or something


    If Slipknot can wear a mask for a full set than you can wear a mask for your trip to Target!!


    I am once again asking you to wear a mask.


    i chimed in with a haven’t you people ever heard of wearing a goddamn mask


    When my mask falls off in public I be so embarrassed like I had a nip slip something.


    “oh shit, my mask” is really a thing.


    whoever did the pr in the 90s about cutting open plastic six pack rings so they don’t choke animals did an amazing job and they should find that person and put them in charge of the wear a mask campaign



    Imagine oversleeping for a class, then on your way, you forget your mask...... this fall semester gon be vicious 😭


    “I have a breathing problem” lol wear a mask karen 🥰



    Yep it’s all fake. The entire world shut down and ruined their economies, just to make you wear a mask because you’re so ugly.


    If you’re pissed off about wearing a mask, wait till you hear about seatbelts!


    My 2.5 year-old wore a mask for about 3 hours straight today. Didn’t take it off for a second, or complain. I explained the importance, and how we wear it to keep EVERYBODY safe. Apparently my toddler exhibits a level of empathy, maturity, and respect that grown adults cannot.

    In conclusion: WEAR A MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx!!!