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This Cranky Dog Is A New ~Memeaphor~ For All Of Our Emotional Instability

"I think humanity really needed that Mr. Bubz video."

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This is Mr. Bubz, a lil' stimker living in Los Angeles.

Instagram: @misterbubz

His owner, Lizze, rescued him back in March. She describes him as "a demon-possum hybrid" who has formed a codependent relationship with his new hooman. However, the same can't be said for Bubz and Lizze's boyfriend, James...

Instagram: @misterbubz

"James loves Bubz, so he’s been trying to bond with him," Lizze told BuzzFeed. "But every time he tries to cuddle him, Bubz makes that hissing noise and I FINALLY GOT IT ON CAMERA!!!"

Needless to say, it wasn't long until Mr. Bubz became a certified Internet Sensation™, going viral on Twitter with over 370,000 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!

Instagram: @misterbubz

People are also memeing the H*CK out of Bubz:

@enneadog when you’re a Type 2 and don’t know how to recieve love:


Back in Shetland for 12 hours and dis my life now. #mrbubz

"To some degree Mr. Bubz is as grumpy as the video, but mostly he’s paranoid and shady but a total joy," Lizze said, defending her cranky fur nugget. "We still see the video as proof that the church needs to send a priest to exorcise this beast though."

To sum up our collective feelings on Mr. Bubz:

I think humanity really needed that Mr. Bubz video.

Follow Mr. Bubz on Instagram if you know what's good for your soul!!!!!!!!!!

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