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    This Cranky Dog Is A New ~Memeaphor~ For All Of Our Emotional Instability

    "I think humanity really needed that Mr. Bubz video."

    This is Mr. Bubz, a lil' stimker living in Los Angeles.

    His owner, Lizze, rescued him back in March. She describes him as "a demon-possum hybrid" who has formed a codependent relationship with his new hooman. However, the same can't be said for Bubz and Lizze's boyfriend, James...

    ...and this video is proof.

    "James loves Bubz, so he’s been trying to bond with him," Lizze told BuzzFeed. "But every time he tries to cuddle him, Bubz makes that hissing noise and I FINALLY GOT IT ON CAMERA!!!"

    Needless to say, it wasn't long until Mr. Bubz became a certified Internet Sensation™, going viral on Twitter with over 370,000 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!

    People are also memeing the H*CK out of Bubz:

    @enneadog when you’re a Type 2 and don’t know how to recieve love:

    THERE HAS EVEN BEEN A REENACTMENT (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!):

    Back in Shetland for 12 hours and dis my life now. #mrbubz

    "To some degree Mr. Bubz is as grumpy as the video, but mostly he’s paranoid and shady but a total joy," Lizze said, defending her cranky fur nugget. "We still see the video as proof that the church needs to send a priest to exorcise this beast though."

    To sum up our collective feelings on Mr. Bubz:

    I think humanity really needed that Mr. Bubz video.

    Follow Mr. Bubz on Instagram if you know what's good for your soul!!!!!!!!!!