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    Emmanuel Acho Asked All The Questions Bachelor Nation Has Been Wanting Answered On "After The Final Rose," And Twitter Was Here For It

    "Emmanuel Acho is proof that Chris Harrison isn't the only person for the job, and not even the best person for the job."

    As you probably know, on last night's Bachelor finale, Matt James ended up leaving the show not engaged, but rather in a relationship with contestant Rachael Kirkconnell.

    Rachel and Matt posing for a photo together
    Craig Sjodin / Getty Images

    Not long after filming wrapped, photos from 2018 surfaced of Rachael at a racially insensitive antebellum-themed party. Rachael immediately faced backlash for this, and the situation even cost Chris Harrison his hosting gig after he defended her in an interview with Rachel Lindsay.

    Matt and Chris standing in the woods while filming the Bachelor
    Craig Sjodin / Getty Images

    Who would replace Harrison on After the Final Rose was a hot topic for a minute, and ultimately, ABC chose to go with Emmanuel Acho, who is a former NFL linebacker, talk show host, and author of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.

    Acho gave us many memorable quotes last night, but perhaps his most poignant was this one:

    Acho said "History is meant to be remembered, but not all history is meant to be celebrated"
    Getty Images

    So after last night, I think it's safe to say that Emmanuel Acho absolutely CRUSHED IT. Here's what Twitter had to say about Bachelor Nation's new favorite host:


    At first I didn’t think Chris Harrison’s job was a big deal. But @EmmanuelAcho just opened my eyes to what the job COULD be. He is incredible at this. #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @TheFinalRosee


    THIS is why @EmmanuelAcho needed to host the show tonight and not Chris. Chris can’t possibly have this same conversation, nor have the understanding that another black man can have with Matt. He knows what to ask & he knows what to follow with bc he’s experienced it himself.

    Twitter: @RealitySteve


    Emmanuel Acho is INCREDIBLE. He’s honest, inquisitive and grounded. Honestly? Give him the job. #TheBachelor #AfterTheFinalRose

    Twitter: @BravoBachBooze


    History is meant to be remembered but not all history is meant to be celebrated." Thank you @EmmanuelAcho for attacking the racism of #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @pasyka


    “Who do you blame for your ignorance?” #ATFR Emmanuel is not letting anyone off the hook tonight!!

    Twitter: @mycahvtashay


    it was very heartbreaking but @EmmanuelAcho allowing Matt his silence was so powerful. CH would have spoken through it #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @thebachdiaries


    Matt referring to himself as Black man while talking to Emmanuel Acho on #ATFR vs how he had to downplay his Blackness to Chris Harrison says all you need to know how CH never made Matt feel safe to be around. That says everything about CH and #TheBachelor’s history of racism.

    Twitter: @RealityRose_


    I hope they’re paying Emmanuel extra for not only hosting but educating on this show tonight #ATFR #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @mycahvtashay


    AMEN to this, @EmmanuelAcho! Intent matters. #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @KristenGBaldwin


    The Bachelor After the Final Rose season Finale hosted by Emmanuel Acho #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @BachelorBob_


    “I walk around realizing I might be the only Black man that this person comes in contact with today, so let me do my best job to adequately represent Black men across the country.” This hit me like a punch in the gut. @EmmanuelAcho is killing it. #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @KristenGBaldwin


    I hope the bachelor is paying Emmanuel Acho millions for singlehandedly saving the franchise #ATFR #AfterTheFinalRose

    Twitter: @xHummingbird505


    Emmanuel with the definitions and history. #TheBachelorabc #TheBachelor #BachelorNation #TheBachelorFinale #AfterTheFinalRose #ATFR

    Twitter: @LMo_Rouge


    .@EmmanuelAcho is doing such an excellent job. Further proof that Chris Harrison isn’t the only person for the job, and not even the best person for the job. #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @Swainsch


    Emmanuel Acho for host of literally anything requiring a host #ATFR

    Twitter: @ANicoleValdes86

    Emmanuel, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and thoughtfulness with Bachelor Nation, and for asking the questions that desperately needed to be asked. Here's to hoping we all get to see a lot more of you on our TV screens soon!!!!!!!

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