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    15 Dorm Room Glow-Ups To End All Dorm Room Glow-Ups

    *student uses paint swatches as wallpaper* *thrifty binches everywhere implode*

    1. This room makeover that's just so lavishly extra:

    2. This brilliant use of wall space:

    3. Using paint swatches as wallpaper? Aesthetically pleasing AND v budget:

    4. Like, IDK if this will get you in trouble, but like, it looks pretty, so:

    5. This girl clearly knows that framing posters can make any pic, poster, or print look chicer:

    6. Same thing with tasteful POPS πŸ‘ OF πŸ‘ COLOR πŸ‘:

    7. This dorm room gives off *in heavy metal voice* GOOD πŸ”₯ VIBES πŸ”₯ ONLY πŸ”₯:

    8. Just...just swipe through this. Trust:

    9. Proof that an astrology tapestry and fairy lights will complete any pre-midterm seance:

    My Freshman dorm room πŸ’— thanks to my momma #LUMO22

    10. Raised beds are clearly a thing now, seeing that they give you more room for storage and just look ~cyoot~:

    11. Records, fairy lights, earth tones...OH MY, BINCH:

    12. LOVE the sky tapestry and the Huji Cam aesthetic:

    13. *comments on how perf and tidy this college student's study area is as I wipe Brownie Brittle crumbs off of my work desk*:

    14. This student matched her decor (and hat) to Broadway playbills?! An artistic LEGEND:

    15. And finally, these guys decided dorm room sod is a must, so like, live your best life:

    Which dorm room is your fave?! Let us know in the comments!!!