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    20 Dogs Sitting Weirdly That'll Make You Say, "Wow, Those Dogs Really Do Sit Weird"

    Sploots, split-sploots, and drumsticks — oh my!!!!!!!!!

    1. This puppo who does a split-sploot while waiting for nugs:

    2. This lil' chonky muse:

    3. This glitch in the matrix:

    4. This doggo who looks like an angry middle schooler after his mom wakes him up for school:

    5. This DRUMSTICK!!!!!!!!!!! BOYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. These two doing a cozy Perpendicular Snug™:

    7. This pupper who's somehow enjoying this rather unideal snoozle:

    8. This floof who always sits and suckles his feets before bed:

    9. This angel bb who appears to have frog's legs:

    10. This lazy gurl who insists you ~look back a it~:

    11. This guy who sits like a human but more so a dog pretending to be a human...?

    12. He who sits and shows dem teefies:

    13. HE WHO CONTORT!!!!!!!

    14. This guy who's mastered his form: fully extended hind legs, face perfectly wedged in between couch cushions...I mean, wow.

    15. This boofer who's doing #sponcon for the perfect Snoot Supporter™, now for only $19.99:

    16. He who is BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. This smol boye, who — due to unexplained circumstances — actually sleeps like this:

    18. This pupper who asks Alexa to play "Face Down, A** Up" when he's alone:

    19. This boye who likes to put himself in time out:

    20. And lastly, this good boye who proves that "dog" is just "god" backwards: