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    17 Before-And-After Adoption Pictures That Prove Just How Amazing Shelter Dogs Are

    Prime examples of what a little love and a statement bandana can do.

    1. After getting adopted, this lil' fluffernug went from sad and matted to happy and LOVED!!!!!!

    u/k8marie_ / Via

    2. At first, this pup was shy and hid behind furniture — but now he's a proud graduate!!! CONGRATS, GRAD!!!!!!!

    u/itwasalwaysace / Via

    3. This cyootie was scared and angry, but now she's a goddess of both tree and trail!!!

    u/cmac2238 / Via

    4. Sad ears went to perked, happy ears!!!!!

    u/oneofyourmoms / Via

    5. This sweet dogini got her fur back!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    u/TechFocused / Via

    6. This sweetums got a lil' trim to spice things up!!!!!!

    u/pugsicles / Via

    7. This ~sesame seed beagle~ went from not letting anyone pet her to being the ultimate cuddle bug!!!

    u/lemaygirl14 / Via

    8. This angel bb DRIED 👏 OFF 👏 and GLOWED 👏 UP!!!!!!! 👏

    9. This lil' one's skin healed and she was able to get comfy and cozy!!!

    u/Bananalexa22 / Via


    u/Dudetius_maximus / Via

    11. These two showed off their forever home's fancy tile floors and their new dashing haircuts!!!!!!

    u/stpatrick32 / Via

    12. Nothing says "I love my new family" more than sporting a stylish cookie bowtie!!!

    13. From sad, lonely eyes to those ~classiqué~ Puppy Dog Eyes™!!!!!!!!

    u/matozosa / Via

    14. JUST LOOK AT THESE TWO ON THEIR FREEDOM RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/ericalaurie / Via

    15. From a cage at an adoption event to sharing a king-sized bed with her hooman!!!!!! You love to see it!!!

    u/cheeseburger_handy / Via

    16. This babers was once untrusting, but NOW HE LUBS MEETING NEW FRENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/Stellar_Eyebrows / Via

    17. And finally, just THIS!!!!!!

    u/Vmckim / Via

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