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    15 Dog Posts From This Week That I, Your Dog-Obsessed Internet Friend, Need You To See

    Oh, to be a dog joyously playing with a brick...

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This week, this floof showed off their Quarantine Glow-Up™!!!!!!!!

    I grew a live teddy bear during quarantine 🐻🥺

    2. These three formed the ultimate trifecta!!!!!!!

    This is Archie and his bodyguards, Everest and Olympus. They make sure nobody pets Archie without permission. 14/10 for all

    3. This passenger said 👁️ 👅 👁️:

    A dog next to me at Dollar General. from AnimalsBeingDerps

    4. This sweetie played with their beloved BRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Yoroko here ~~~Tasted The Rainbow™~~~!!!!!!!!

    This is Yoroko. She’s a rainbowbender. Borks to activate one and then steers it with her tongue. 14/10 magical as h*ck

    6. This big boofer strutted, and all of us were just like 👀👀👀👀:


    The sass #newfoundland #newfoundlanddog #dogsofdogtopia #doggydaycare #foryou #foryoupage #fy #TimeforTENET

    ♬ Hit It - Yung Skrrt

    7. Zoe here turned 17, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖

    Zoe just turned 17, but she still likes to party from aww

    8. This lil' bean PISSED 👏 ON 👏 THE 👏FLOOR!!!!!!! 👏


    Reply to @caramellcollins #fyp Y’all asked for it so blow this up

    ♬ Piss On The Floor - Aunt T Jackie

    9. These two advocated for a worthy cause:

    Every night— from rarepuppers

    10. Maggie here perfected her words-per-minute typing ratio:

    This is Maggie. You said you could play as soon as you finish work, so she’s helping. 14/10 you’re welcome human

    11. This cloud showed off their very ~cool~ and ~unique~ makeover!!!!!!!!!


    so today I dyed my dog w food coloring (it looks a lot better in person😂) #fyp #xycba

    ♬ original sound - rooni00

    12. These two perfectly executed the cross-yard fence-defying SMOOOOOOCH!!!

    Our neighbor sent me this adorable display of pure joy between our dogs. They finally got him a stool so he could greet his big friend properly. from aww

    13. Todd here set off on his campaign trail:

    My wife and I put up our own candidate this year! from aww

    14. This choco lab had a nice emotional *release*:


    Dog content #fyp

    ♬ original sound - juggaloslimshady

    15. And lastly, THIS!!!!!!!!! 😭💖