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    Updated on Jul 18, 2020. Posted on Jul 11, 2020

    15 Dog Posts From This Week That You Just Miiiiiight Find Most Pleasing

    Please enjoy the following doginis.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This week, these two showed us what happens when you love and nurture a floofy chicken tender properly!!!!!!!

    2. This BIG 👏 BOYE 👏 was a very good and loyal guard dog:

    3. These huskers ~defied gravity~ with the help of a trusty sunroof:

    4. Mocha here also offered us a view from below!!!!!! Everyone say, "Thank you, Mocha" 😌:

    This is Mocha. If you were ever curious what a certified floof looks like from below, I offer you these. 13/10

    5. This lil' dogini really @-ed us with this one, huh?

    Me listening to the same 5 songs everyday

    6. Barley and Fluffy basked together in their get-well-soon cones!!!!!!! 💖

    This is Barley. He just had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. His best friend Fluffy was also given a cone to show their support. 14/10 for both

    7. This lil' corgini did a FLOP!!!!!!!!


    #cutie #baby #bored #dog #cute #sweet #fyp #foryou #dc #dlaciebie #haha #yes #love

    ♬ How Bad Can I Be? - Ed Helms

    9. Gravity did this golden weenie dirty, sadly:

    This is Thor. He just wanted cuddles with his duck friend. Didn’t deserve this. 14/10 gravity is cancelled

    10. This sweet angel bb did a (gemtle) CHÖMP:


    Just one more bite please #dogsoftiktok #fyp

    ♬ original sound - jvzmin.s

    11. Macaroni here hit us with those Puppy Dog Eyes™, and we all simply had to oblige!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Macaroni. She has a question. Wondering if because she had an early breakfast she could maybe also have an early dinner. 12/10 seems reasonable

    12. Leo here showed off his TÖNGUÉ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Leo 😂#miniaussie #foryoupage

    ♬ original sound -

    13. This Pomeranian proved to be *THE* most photogenic!!!!!!!

    14. Mella here sported some fabulous SPACE BUNS!!!!!!!!!


    Mella’s casual look ❤️✨ #cockerspaniel #dogs #hairbuns #cute

    ♬ Then Leave - BeatKing

    15. And lastly, just...just get your tissues because this one is a real tearjerker!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    A dog groomer had lost her dog a few months ago so one of her coworkers decided to to surprise her with a new pup. She thought she was grooming a clients dog the whole time 😭❤️