Here Are 14 Of The Very Best Dog Posts From This Week

    I lubs dem all.

    1. This week, WE 👏 ALL 👏 DESERVED 👏 TO 👏 SEE 👏 THIS 👏 FLOOOOOFY 👏 DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    i thought twitter deserved to see this fluffy dog

    2. Gildy here sported some hot pink Doggles™ and I simply could not look away!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Hildy. She had a lovely day by the pool. Her doggles were a little big but they matched her suit so it’s fine. 12/10

    3. This puggo did a ~~~gemtle mönch~~~!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

    4. Red here announced his presidential candidacy:

    5. This doodle got BANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. There was an ***EXTREMELY RARE*** Tiny House Hippo™ spotting!!!!!!!! 👁️👁️

    We only rate dogs. Unfortunately this is a tiny house hippo. Please send dogs. Thank you... 13/10

    7. This here hearty pug loaf loved Megan Thee Stallion and Megan Thee Stallion ONLY!!!!!!!!!

    8. These two just, ya know, hung out!!!!!!!!!!

    9. This 😌 mama 😌 received 😌 floofy 😌 kisses 😌:

    10. This wiggly bean LOVED her hooman's new tattoo!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍


    she was so excited to be featured in the tik tok 🥰 #fyp #tattoo #dog

    ♬ ive always wanted a viral sound thx lol - kaitlyn.mallory

    11. Ember here, Master of Bleps, found their forever home!!!!!!!!!!

    12. This poor shibe got stuck!!!!!!!!

    #犬部ベストショット 挟まる🐕

    13. We all collectively found out what a husky-shar pei-boxer looks like and IMMEDIATELY FELL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. And lastly, I leave you with this sweet girl and her polite wag 💖: