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Updated on Jun 19, 2020. Posted on Jun 13, 2020

14 Dog Posts From This Week For Anyone Who Could Use A Little Joy Right Now

So pure. So loving. So goob.

Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

1. This week, this floof had a bit of an existential crisis:

the mortifying ordeal of being known

2. Teddy here let his scruff come in full:


dogs for justice 👍 #protests2020 @dog_rates

4. This coned fellow had a lil' Pixar moment:

this is the greatest video i have ever seen (lifeofkaix IG/TT)

5. These guys enjoyed a lovely day in the park:

6. This pup wandered into these people's place and made himself at home!!!


A random dog literally just waltzed into my house acting like he lived here. He was such a good dogooo tho🥺 #meetmypet #fyp #walkingonadream #foryou

♬ original sound - melissamarin673

7. This pittie SIT!!!

8. This pup was at the end of the rainbow:

Finally found that gold you all were talking about❤️

9. Bunny here seemingly comprehended the English language...?!?!?!?!


So Chatty! #fyp #whataboutbunny #talkingdog #sheepadoodle #dailydog #cutedog #dogtraining #tiktokdog #aac #smartdog #dog #viral #tiktoktrends #smart

♬ original sound - what_about_bunny

10. This guy was SPOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. This lil' one tried to bite the cones:



Hank the helper!! Also that tail do be on beat 😎 #fyp

♬ original sound - dustinmoody74

13. This rolly one spoke *quite* eloquently:


What you can’t see is that his stairs to get on the bed are literally right beside him. He just yells at me.. #bulldog #tiktokanimals #sassy

♬ original sound - mkh1021

14. And lastly, this doodle crossed the street very normally and was not suspicious in any way whatsoever:


Casually crossing the street #foryoupage #fyp #goldendoodle #circusdog #JustDanceMoves #realityripple #AlmondWalk

♬ Gangnam Style - Gangnam Style