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    25 Truths All Crazy Dog People Will Relate To

    *Clicks on article, says "Boop."*

    1. You'd pick dogs over babies any day.

    2. You follow like 400 dog Instagram accounts.

    3. You have a favorite breed and you're not afraid to show bias.

    4. Whenever anyone gets you a gift, it's always dog-themed.

    5. You have a special voice/language that only dogs can understand.

    6. And you are fluent in "doggo" terminology.

    7. You're in attendance at every dog costume parade.

    8. This is your camera roll.

    9. You're an active member of several dog-spotting Facebook groups.

    10. You check PetFinder regularly.

    11. If you have a dog of your own, you've definitely made them an Insta.

    12. You've ~networked~ with several Instagram famous dogs just from running in the same crowd.

    13. You have dog art all over your walls.

    14. You will literally chase a dog several blocks to pet it.

    15. You can often be found suspiciously ambling by the local dog park.


    16. You constantly drop ~subtle~ hints to your significant other that you want a dog.

    17. Your YouTube homepage is all funny dog video compilations...

    18. ...And you have a soft spot for slo-mo dog vids.

    19. You're addicted to dog memes.

    20. When you've had a bad day, the only person you want to see is a dog.

    21. Whenever you see a dog at any sort of party or establishment, you have to go sit and talk to it.

    22. You love having doggy photoshoots!!!

    23. You post a debatably concerning amount of dog pics.

    24. Your friends always send you articles like this one.

    25. And lastly, you can vouch for this study.

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