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    Updated on Aug 25, 2018. Posted on Aug 24, 2018

    17 Puppies Dressed Like Babies Who I Want To Raise As My Own


    1. These are my children.

    2. I am their mother.

    3. I hold them close to my warm bosom.

    4. I put lil' sweaters on them when we go to visit their grandparents.

    5. And I help them brush their teefers and get ready for bed.

    6. Their favorite jammies are the ones with duckies on them.

    7. (For obvious reasons.)

    8. I make sure my children snoozle soundly.

    9. And I ~always~ make sure they have their stuffies for prime snuggles!!!

    10. These are also my children.

    11. Complete with their pretty pink dresses...

    12. ...and hats with ear-holes...

    13. ...and kiddie-size life jackets for SAFE FLOATS!!!!!!!!!

    14. I love my children.

    15. MY children.

    16. MINE.

    17. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiine.



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