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    This Dog's Favorite Toy Is A 30-Pound Dumbbell, And I Both Love Him And Fear Him Greatly


    All dogs have their own uniquely bizarre quirks. Like maybe your dog won't eat food unless you put it in the microwave first, or they, like, pee weird. Ya know, something like that.

    Brussels Sprout

    Well, allow me to introduce you to Bonzo, a BIG BOYE™ with a *VERY* peculiar quirk...

    Derek Plante

    ...he likes to carry around dumbbells.

    My uncle’s dog carries a 30-pound weight everywhere he goes

    30-POUND DUMBBELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "My niece was over and she didn't believe me that Bonzo actually carried around weights," Derek Plante, Bonzo's owner, told BuzzFeed. "I usually have to hide them from him, but this one time, I let him do it to show her."

    Plante's niece, @portugi_bruja, ended up tweeting the video, and unsurprisingly, it went viral! It also managed to strike both fear and admiration in the hearts of many:

    @portugi_bruja he doesn’t need to be this powerful but he is and i respect it

    @dog_rates @portugi_bruja Idk what this dog's rating is, but my fear and respect are at least an 18/10

    @dsfreem @dog_rates @portugi_bruja anything can happen in 2020 we may need him very soon

    Some people were a little concerned about Bonzo's teeth given his dumbbell infatuation, but Plante's niece was quick to dispel the worries, and also make a pretty good point:

    to the peeps concerned about bonzo’s teeth: he actually rests it on his gums, his teeth are perfectly fine To the people saying “take that away from him” lol why don’t YOU try to take away his steel bone and see how far u get

    And besides, Bonzo doesn't get to play with his ~sacred dumbbell~ often, and the few times he does, Plante says he "just carries it for a little and then sits down with it and licks it."


    HE LICK.

    So overall, I think it's pretty safe to say that Bonzo is doing great and just might be the herculean hero that 2020 so desperately needs.

    And in conclusion:

    @dog_rates @portugi_bruja he protecc, he attac, bust most importantly he lives in the squat rack

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