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27 Times Mortifyingly Bad Design Fails Plagued Our School Systems

BRB, going to class in a classroom inside a bathroom.

1. First up, we have ✨this locker✨:

2. This classroom that is quite literally inside a bathroom:

3. This elementary school worksheet that just straight-up went with "asshoppers" as an example:

4. This emergency button–adjacent pencil sharpener:

5. This projector situation:

6. This fine arts department sticker:

7. This classroom carpet that looks like some sort of moldy growth...?

8. This absolute disgrace of a hallway intersection:

9. This mid-classroom toilet, of course:

10. This visual aid, brought to you by the ever-capable yearbook committee:

11. This "accessible" school entrance:

12. This school's pride poster that — to the untrained eye — reads more like a threat:

13. This donation sign:

14. ✨You we'll know show you how to how to design lead✨:

15. This statue at a Catholic school........classic!

16. This enlightening PowerPoint:

17. This classroom's floor outlet with its unprecedented toe-stubbing capabilities:

18. This ceiling fan 💖:

19. This art department really thought they did something with this banner, huh?!?!?!?!

20. This innovative soccer field–basketball court hybrid that definitely doesn't inhibit the dribbling of a basketball:

21. Just.......yup:

22. This classroom with a view!!!!!!!!!

23. This anti-bullying flyer that exudes big "gRaPhIc DeSiGn Is My PaSsIoN" energy:

24. This bathroom stall that only the bravest of students dare to use:

25. This gym class mural:

26. This hallway flyer with a great message, but some botched delivery:

27. And finally, this beloved mascot statue 😌💕:

H/T: r/CrappyDesign.

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