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Tell Us The Wildest Deathbed Confession You've Ever Heard


Recently, I saw this tweet from @zazagoon (well, I actually saw it in this viral TikTok), and since then, tons of people online have been sharing their own deathbed confession stories.

Nursing school doesn't prepare you for the number of elderly patients who will casually confess to decades-old murders.

Twitter: @zozagoon

And now I'm wondering if you've heard any truly wild deathbed confessions that you'd like to add to the conversation.

Maybe you were working in hospice care and one of your oldest, sweetest patients randomly confessed to having A SECRET FAMILY(!!!!!!!!) and essentially living a double life.

Or perhaps they told you that they committed a crime many years back, and then said, "No one will believe you because I have dementia."

Or maybe when they were dying, your grandparent confessed to something really effed-up but steamy, like having an affair with their identical twin's spouse. IDK!

Whatever sort of deathbed confession you'd been told, we're being v nosey and would love to hear it. Please leave your submission in the DropBox below (or in this Google Form, if you'd like to remain anonymous). The wildest ones just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!