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The Guy Recited "Shrek" Perfectly And Now He's Dating All Of Us

How did this article on a video of a guy doing Shrek impressions turn into a thirst post...?!

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This weekend, Maria Karras from Indiana was driving back from a camping trip with her parents and her brother, Theo aka TJ.

Out of boredom, TJ decided to recite an entire scene from Shrek for his family, complete with spot-on Shrek and Donkey impressions. Currently, the video has over 100,000 likes and 37,000 retweets!!!

Stuck in the car for 2 hours with this

Maria told BuzzFeed: "We have a group chat on Snapchat with 11 of our cousins and we initially were going to send it to them, but it was too long. So I posted it on Twitter for them to see, and it was seen by WAAAY more than just my cousins!"

When your cousins is going to have a baby #GreekPeopleProbs

When asked about his ~flawless~ impressions, TJ said: "I've always imitated Shrek scenes and quoted lines since I was younger, so their voices are easier to remember. As far as memorizing it all, I owe that to the amount of times I've watched it!"

Needless to say, TJ quickly gained some fans:

AAAAAAND a gaggle of not-so-secret admirers:

Well errybody, for the record, Maria has ~exclusively~ confirmed to BuzzFeed that, "Yes, TJ's single!!!"

So there you have it! Now here's TJ one more time for the people in the cheap seats!!!

Stuck in the car for 2 hours with this

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