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    19 Craft Ideas That Should've Just Stayed In People's Notes App And Never Seen The Light Of Day

    No, not the junk drawer vape pen!!!!!!!

    1. This Baby Tree™:

    2. These pee pee poo poo underpants:

    3. This lewk that Nike definitely does NOT endorse:

    4. This nightmare fuel night-light:

    5. This vape pen(?) that looks like what you'd get if you combined everything in your junk drawer:

    6. This medical deity:

    7. Dryer Fluff Chic™:

    8. Some DIY candles made out of Babybel cheese wax! Why not, right?

    9. Cattle Couture, if you will:

    10. Milky 😌 cereal 😌 ashtrays 😌:

    11. This dead beetle and hot glue amulet:

    12. COFFEE 👏 BEAN 👏 CRAYON 👏 JAR 👏 LAMP!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    13. These $1 environmentally friendly water balloons:

    14. And of course, the Jean Chair™:

    15. These "itchy but cute" falsies!!!!!!

    16. These ✨repurposed✨ utensils:

    17. This cursed product:

    18. This ✨concept✨:

    19. And lastly, her:

    Why from DiWHY

    H/T r/DiWHY