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21 Weirdly Terrifying Pictures To Give You A Funny Feeling In The Pit Of Your Stomach

Nope. Nope. NOPE.

1. This IRL Pennywise calling card:

2. This absolutely terrifying-yet-perfect timing!!!!!!!

3. These forgotten potatoes that are back with a VENGEANCE!!!!!!!!!!

4. This VERY ominous sign:

5. This creepily resourceful crab!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. This literal fetus MRI that I will TRULY never be able to unsee, so I'm making you suffer with me:

7. This cursed Jesus Lamp™:

8. Behold, the holy ✨Frog Ritual✨:

9. This nightmarish gymnast X-ray:

10. This portal to the pits of HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. This hunting armor that I'd truly hate to run into out in the wild:

12. This sculpture.......?!?!??!?!?!?!?

13. This child 😌 playing with an army 😌 of cicadas 😌 for "fun" 😌😌😌:

14. This blanket with the most terrifying of TEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15. This "lemon" (or so I'm told):

16. This positively haunting camping pic!!!!!!!!!!!!

17. This is the image groomers don't want you to see!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. This cicada creature:

19. This reflection:

20. Just.......this dog:

21. And lastly, this friendly lil' reminder 😌:

H/T r/oddlyterrifying