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17 Creative Ways Different Places Are Dealing With Coronavirus

*immediately locks all toilet paper rolls in place*

1. This men's bathroom separated people who wash their hands from those who don't:

2. This elevator used toothpicks to avoid spreading germs via buttons:

3. Same with this tissue alternative:

4. This church held drive-thru confessions:

6. This bathroom locked its toilet paper on the holder so no thieves could snatch it:

7. Same goes for these soap bottles:

8. Before Italy went into lockdown, this restaurant closed every other table:

9. This personal trainer brought his gym to his neighbors!!!

10. This college created footprint markers to show its students how to properly socially distance in elevators:

11. This store limited its customers to only buying two rolls of toilet paper:

12. This McDonald's worker ~adapted~ the best he could:

13. Some museums — and even Art Basel — started offering virtual viewing rooms:

14. This Home Depot put out a table with ~the essentials~:

16. This supermarket put out clear markers to show shoppers how to socially distance:

Distancing solution in a Danish supermarket via Henrik Schou

17. And lastly, this Starbucks offered up lyrics to sing while washing your hands: