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    22 Ubers That Went Above And Beyond In The Best Ways

    *immediate 5-star rating*

    1. This Uber that's essentially a convenience store on wheels:

    gum, snacks, and drinks for sale in the car

    2. This driver who has compiled some very passenger-specific and aggressively spot-on Spotify playlists:

    So I just started driving for uber and Lyft and I’ve been getting a lot more compliments on my music since generalizing my passengers by 1 of these 11 playlists

    Twitter: @TEEJUS___

    3. This Uber that comes fully stocked with KARAOKE EQUIPMENT.....?!?!?!?!!

    microphones and ipad ready for songs

    4. This Uber driver who offers a comprehensive "conversation menu":

    a driver menu for different interactions you can have with the driver

    5. This Uber driver whose stick shift is a samurai sword:

    sword handle as the stick shift

    6. This Uber with a web-footed shotgun rider:

    duck in the passenger seat

    7. This car's backseat Nintendo setup!!!!!!

    backseat tv and game console

    8. This Uber with what I believe are.........linoleum floors...?????

    linoleum flooring in the car

    9. This Uber driver who HAS 👏 THEIR 👏 BASES 👏 COVERED 👏:

    this uber driver is not fucking around

    Twitter: @tyleroakley

    10. This one who's doing their (Honda) civic duty 😌:

    sign that reads, i can register you to vote

    11. This driver who keeps a teddy bear on hand for any passenger who may need a lil' hug 😭💕:

    the comfort club bear

    12. This set of Hot Wheels™!!!!!!!!

    uber car with the hot wheels logo along the side

    13. This Uber that offers both soft drinks AND massages — what more could ya want?!??!!

    menu on the back seat with snacks and a massage list

    14. This Uber that favors a ✨grunge aesthetic✨:

    stickers covering every inch of the car

    15. These Ubers in Disney World that are (of course) called "Minnie Vans":

    minnie mouse themed paint job

    16. This ride that has all of its passengers leave a note on its ceiling!!!!!

    post-its on the car ceiling

    17. This defunct mail truck that now belongs to the Uber/Lyft gods:

    old mail truck with the uber sticker on the windshield

    18. This car with a fish tank and general aquatic vibes:

    car with blue lighting and a fish tank

    19. This Uber driver who makes sure to have their patrons covered, no matter the situation!!!

    Twitter: @erinmhk

    20. This one who makes sure their car always has cozy vibes, courtesy of a fireplace ambience video:

    fireplace screen

    21. This Uber that's lined with different international currencies:

    money on the ceiling

    And laaaaaastly:

    22. This Uber driver who gives out cute lil' party favors with every ride!!!!!! 😭💕😭💕😭💕

    goodie bag with a thank you sticker